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im sabrina and this has become a komaeda appreciation blog 

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I look like a 12 yr old boy I want to punch myself in the mirror I hate this

is he crying because he’s sad or is it because tharja cursed him again

being a dad is tough


Happy Valentines everyone~! I adore these two… ( ˘ ³˘)♥ 

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Kaworu and shinji setting out to retrieve the spear from komaeda. Everyone's dead. The brown-haired boyfriends are sad. The spear is still in komaeda. No one wins

#sdr2 spoilers

more proof that komahina is a blatant ripoff of kawoshin. donate to my kickstarter to stop them both at all costs

the ol razzle dazzle

In the end both white haired legmonsters die so there isn't really a difference


legs fo days

How important is komaeda 'leg fo days' nagisa to you

wait hold on what is that. is that komaeda with kaworus long 90s anime legs or


people who should have supports with each other but don’t

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